2019 Initiatives


inspirational bathroom vinyls

The Council installed inspirational and encouraging signs in the bathrooms throughout the SCEL and SES with the intent to lift up spirits and remind students that they have the power to succeed; all they have to do is believe in themselves because we believe in them!


mix it up lunch

Students in both the SCEL and Elementary were able to “Mix It Up!” at lunch and break out of their normal lunchtime routine to sit with different peers. The Council facilitated the event to encourage conversations with “would you rather” questions and icebreakers. The purpose of this activity is to promote a welcoming school environment by encouraging students to see through perceived differences in order to reduce prejudices and possibly make a new friend.
Learn more about Mix It Up Lunch at Teaching Tolerance.



The Council is hosting three evenings for students and their families to explore the diversity of different cultures. These evenings will highlight the traditions, daily life, food, and culture of countries across the globe in order to gain a better understanding of how connected we all are while discovering the uniqueness of each region.

Cultural Series #1 - Africa! - January 17th



The Council donated learning materials to the classrooms that promote diversity and provide the students the opportunity to discover and learn with toys and materials that better represent all the citizens of the world.

2018 Initiatives


Playground buddy bench

Four Buddy Benches will be installed on the playgrounds behind the school for the start of the 2018 school year. Learn more about the Buddy Bench. The purchase of these benches was made possible by a grant from SEFT as well as a grant from the PTO.



MUlticultural Library 

The council donated 100 books to the school library for the teachers and students to use in order to enrich their curriculum. The books address issues such as immigration, autism, ethnicity, friendship, and culture. A database of the titles can be found here.



Student Speaker

The students will participate in an assembly and small-group discussions given by Mr Peace, Kevin Szawala. Mr. Peace is a motivational speaker who focuses on appreciating the differences in others and stresses the importance of respecting others' humanity. Learn more about Mr. Peace here.



The faculty and administration of both the Simonian Center for Early Learning and Sutton Elementary schools will participate in two development sessions throughout the school year with  Dr. Liza Talusan. These sessions will focus on diversity and inclusion as well as building and sustaining equitable and just communities.